After Dr. Ziv Peled’s wife, Dr. Anne Peled was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Anne Peled made the decision to undergo a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy in order to maintain sensation in her breasts. This personal experience led her and Dr. Ziv Peled to develop innovative techniques such as sensation-preserving mastectomies and nerve grafting for women undergoing implant breast reconstruction.


  • Resensation is a surgical technique performed during breast reconstruction that allows surgeons to reconnect nerves cut during a mastectomy using allograft nerve tissue. Over time, the nerve fibers regenerate, becoming a part of the body. As the nerve fibers grow, they have the potential to gradually restore sensation to the breasts.

  • Sensation-preserving mastectomies can be offered to those who are diagnosed with breast cancer or those who are at high risk for future breast cancer and are considering prophylactic mastectomy. Sensation preservation at the time of mastectomy involves saving nerves when oncologically safe (meaning the nerves run in the fatty tissue layer beneath the skin) and/or reconstructing nerves that need to be cut during the mastectomy (meaning they run through the breast tissue and do not stay in the fatty tissue layer). Each person’s situation is unique, so an evaluation to determine if they are a candidate for sensation-preserving mastectomies, as well as if a nipple-sparing mastectomy is right for them and the best choice for their reconstruction, is key to coming up with a final surgical plan. Dr. Ziv Peled see patients in-person and through virtual consultation (link to inquiry form) to discuss options and take patients through their surgical journeys.

  • You will first need to meet with Dr. Anne Peled as she will determine if you are a candidate. Link to her website. Dr. Anne’s Website

    After that both Dr. Anne’s team and Dr. Ziv’s team will be in contact so they can schedule your consultation with Dr. Ziv.

  • Drs. Anne and Ziv Peled were the first to publish data about this type of surgery. They have found that over 80% of women have sensation that is similar to what they had before surgery, with many women reporting that they often forget they even had mastectomies and reconstruction surgery because their reconstructed breasts feel so much like their breasts prior to surgery. A sensation-preserving double mastectomy and implant reconstruction takes about three to four hours of surgery, with a one-night hospital or surgery center stay. For recovery after surgery, most women can return to their daily lives and activities within two weeks, with complete recovery in most cases in four to six weeks.

  • Dr. Ziv Peled is out of network with all insurances expect for Medicare. Since most insurance companies have not recognized this procedure ad medically necessary we do collect up front for the surgery fee. If you would like more information, please reach out to Alejandra at